Tabitha's activities center on lifting more Cambodians out of poverty by helping people to develop inherent skills and resources that foster self-sufficiency and independence. Most families "graduate" from Tabitha programs within five to seven years. A daily life of hunger, discomfort and helplessness is changed forever into a busy existence where income is earned, children go to school, and health and wellbeing improve dramatically.
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    The Savings Program
    gives families tools to break the cycle of poverty
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    Water Sources
    are the "gift of life" as they improve health and family earning power
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    House Building
    brings volunteers to Cambodia to construct new homes that are safe and dry
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    offer education and development opportunity to village children
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    Women's Health
    is being addressed fundamentally and profoundly by Nokor Tep Hospital
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    Cottage Goods
    are a means to teach and employ thousands of Tabitha families across Cambodia
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 ​Tabitha Pendant - Family Savings Program

Life-changing Pendants

These beautiful pendants sympolise each of the pillars upon which Cambodians on the Tabitha program are able to earn income and self-sustain.

Spinning wheels, Water pumps, Pigs, Houses, Chickens, Sewing machines, Bicycles; These represent typical items that can be bought, whilst under the Tabitha savings program. These possessions generate steady income, family wealth and elevate standards of living for the long-term.

Find these pendants at our Tabitha Silk Sales throughout the year - 1 pendant supports a family for one year on the savings program.


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