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September 2016 Update

Dear friends and partners, we have come to the end of another year and started our next program year. It’s always a time of reflection – what did we do well, what we did that is not so good. We went and visited a number of families that were enrolled last year. Cambodia is changing and the deep poverty is not so easy to travel to. Our trip involved driving on smooth tarmac, to dirt, to mud and then just fields. It was worth every jolt and bump. We met with several families that had started last September. Our staff shared the concept of saving for chickens – chickens that lay eggs everyday! From several it rapidly multiplies to 20, 50, 100, up to 200 chickens. They added ducks – they start to multiply and life is getting better.

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August 2016 Update

Dear friends and partners, water is a true gift of life. For us in Cambodia this past year of severe drought caused grief for very many people. For others in our program – the gift of water which you have given over the years - enabled people to share their bounty. In all our areas with Tabitha water – no one in the villages went thirsty – animals were saved – cows, pigs and chickens - some even had enough water left after sharing with neighbors- to grow crops.

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July 2016 Update

Dear Friends and partners, It has been a number of weeks since we last talked – the reason for this is that Miriam and I went to Canada to visit family, friends and to do some speaking with Tabitha Canada. In our college hunting for my daughter - Miriam selected her school of choice – McMasters in Hamilton Ontario. How grateful I am for these special moments.

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