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March 2016

Dear Friends and Partners,

March 23

This coming weekend is Easter – a time of year that for many around the world signifies new beginnings – a new chance at life. For others it signifies the season of spring – again a time of new beginnings, of cleaning the house and watching nature spring forth with new growth.

For many children a new school – a chance at education signifies a new life; a new beginning. Over the past few years, Tabitha Cambodia has built 76 schools through the generosity of some of our donors. For the children that attend the schools, it is excitement beyond words. How can we forget the intensity of a 16 year old sitting in the first grade – struggling to control the pencil he had in his hand – he was oblivious to everyone around him – even myself – he was totally absorbed in making marks that meant new life to him.


March 4

This month of March celebrates women internationally. March 8th is the day set aside for official recognition. Here in Tabitha Cambodia we celebrate women every day of the year – we celebrate family – we celebrate life itself.

Life for many Cambodian women is not easy – their value in life is seen as one who must take care of home and family.  This value is dictated by custom yet life is hardly as easy as it sounds. For many women day to day life is one of constant struggle – struggle to clothe and feed their families; struggle to manage their farm land; struggle to deal with daily health issues.


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